Orifice Plate Flow Meters with Diagnostic Capabilities

The Most Advanced Orifice Plate Flow Meter System on the Market

  • DP Diagnostics Supply Diagnostic Capable Orifice Plate Meters
  • The Most Widely Used Differential Pressure (DP) Meter Simple & Reliable
  • No Moving Parts
  • ISO / API Stated Uncertainty Up to 0.5%
  • Accurate & Repeatable Flow Metering

DP Diagnostics Supplies a Unique, Powerful, Industrially Proven, Patent Pending Diagnostics System

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Orifice Plate Flow Meter Diagnostics

DP Diagnostics Supplies Orifice Meters to All Industries

  • Size: As stated by ISO 5167 (50mm / 2" ≤ D ≤ 1000mm / 40")
  • Flanges: #150 - #2500
  • Material: All standard materials available.
  • Length: A standard orifice meter is approximately 5D long.
  • A diagnostic ready orifice meter is approximately 12D long.
  • DP Transmitter: Any DP transmitters may be used.
  • Calibration Requirements: Meter and diagnostics performance are predictable from ISO / API. No calibration is required for standard installations.
  • Installation Requirements: Orifice plate flow meters are installed according to the recommendations made by ISO / API.
  • Performance: Orifice meters give a discharge coefficient performance of ±0.5% (an excepted industry standard). Turndowns of up to 8:1 without transmitter stacking.

Venturi Flow Meter Diagnostics
A Orifice Meter Installed with Diagnostics.

Orifice Plate Flow Meter Diagnostics - Diagram 1
Orifice Meter with Optional Extra
DP Transmitters for
Diagnostic Capabilities

Pressure Field through the Orifice Meter
Orifice Plate Flow Meter Diagnostics - Diagram 3
The Diagnostics Results are represented as 3 Points and a Box. If the points remain in the box, this ensures good flow measurement.
  • A Downstream Pressure Tap Allows 3 DP's to be Read.
  • The Pressure Field Through the Meter is Monitored.
  • The Diagnostic System Multiplies the Meters Capability.
  • 3 DP's are Compared to Assure Correct Meter Operation.
  • A Simple Live Diagnostics Plot is Shown in the Control Room

Orifice Meter Problems that Produce a Warning with Diagnostics Include:

  1. Incorrect Inlet or Throat Diameter Keypad Entry.
  2. Two-Phase Flow.
  3. Excessive Flow Disturbance Upstream of the Meter.
  4. Contamination Build-Up Through the Meter.
  5. Blocked Impulse Lines.
  6. Saturated & Drifting DP Transmitter.
  7. A Buckled Plate
  8. A Plate Installed Backwards.
  9. A Worn or Damage Orifice Leading Edge.
  10. Incorrectly Spanned DP Transmitter, etc..

DP Diagnostics can retrofit a diagnostic system to an existing 3rd party orifice plate flow meter if a downstream tap is supplied. Downstream pressure tappings at >6D can be used due to the availability of a correction factor.