Venturi Flow Meters - with Optional Diagnostic Capabilities

The Most Advanced Venturi Flow Meter System on the Market

  • The Original Differential Pressure (DP) Meter
  • Simple, Robust & Reliable
  • No Moving Parts
  • Low Permanent Pressure Loss
  • Low Operating Cost
  • Calibrated Uncertainty to within 1%
  • DP Diagnostics Venturi Meters are ISO / API Compliant
  • Accurate, Repeatable & Cost Effective

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Venturi Flow Meter - Diagnostics

DP Diagnostics Supply Standard Calibrated ISO / API Compliant Venturi Flow Meters to all Industries

  • Size: 3" to 48" for any pipe schedule (larger sizes on request).
  • Flanges: #150 - #2500 (any specific connection on request).
  • Material: All standard materials available.
  • Length: Standard meters are approximately 6D long,
    Diagnostic ready meters are approximately 14D long and can be shorter.
  • DP Transmitter: Any manufacturer's transmitters may be used.
  • Calibration Requirements: Venturi flow meters are supplied calibrated.
  • Installation Requirements: Installed according to ISO / API .
  • Performance: Venturi flow meters calibrated to give a discharge coefficient within ±1% (an accepted industry standard). Turndowns up to 8:1 without stacking DP transmitters.

Venturi Flow Meter Diagnostics
A DP Diagnostics Venturi Flow Meter Under a Customers FAT.

DP Diagnostics Supplies a Unique, Powerful, Industrially Proven, Patent Pending Diagnostics System

  • A Downstream Pressure Tap Allows 3 DP's to be Read.
  • The Pressure Field Through the Meter is Monitored.
  • The Diagnostic System Multiplies the Meters Capability.
  • 3 DP's are Compared to Assure Correct Meter Operation.
  • A Simple Live Diagnostics Plot is Shown in the Control Room.
Venturi Flow Meter Diagnostics - Diagram 1
Venturi with Optional Extra DP Transmitters
for Diagnostic Capabilities
Venturi Flow Meter Diagnostics - Diagram 2
Pressure Field through the Venturi Meter
Venturi Flow Meter Diagnostics - Diagram 3
The Diagnostics Results are represented as 3 Points and a Box. If the points remain in the box, this ensures good flow measurement.

Venturi Flow Meter Problems that Produce a Warning with Diagnostics Include:

  1. Incorrect Inlet or Throat Diameter Keypad Entry.
  2. Two-Phase Flow.
  3. 3. Excessive Flow Disturbance Upstream of the Meter.
  4. Contamination Build Up Through the Meter.
  5. Blocked Impulse Lines.
  6. Saturated DP Transmitter.
  7. Drifting DP Transmitter.
  8. Incorrect Discharge Coefficient Keypad Entry.
  9. Incorrectly Spanned DP Transmitter.
  10. DP Below DP Transmitter Range etc.

DP Diagnostics Can Retrofit a Diagnostic System to an Existing 3rd Party Venturi Flow Meter if a Downstream Tap is Supplied and the Meter can be Made Available for Calibration.