Venturi Flow Meters for Wet Gas Flow Applications

With Optional Diagnostic Capabilities

  • The Venturi Meter is a Popular Flow Meter for Wet Gas Flow
  • Wet Gas Induces a Positive Gas Flow Error on a Venturi Meter
  • Liquid Flow is Found By a Tracer Dilution Test
  • The Gas Flow Error Can be Corrected with a Suitable Correction Factor (e.g. de Leeuw)
  • The Pressure Loss Ratio (PLR) is the Ratio of Permanent Pressure Loss to Traditional Differential Pressure
  • The Venturi PLR is Sensitive to Liquid Loading
  • Changes in PLR Instigate Tracer Dilution Tests

Download PDF Brochure- Wet Gas Venturi Flow Meters

Venturi Flow Meter - Diagnostics

Venturi Meter Based Wet Natural Gas Flow Metering

  • Size: 3" to 24" for any pipe schedule.
  • Flanges: #150 - #2500 (any specific connection on request).
  • Material: All standard materials available.
  • Length: Standard Wet Gas Venturi Meters are approximately 14D long and can be shorter.
  • DP Transmitter: Any manufacturer's transmitters may be used.
  • Calibration Requirements: Supplied single phase calibrated. Venturi meters supplied with a wet gas tested on request.
  • Installation Requirements: Typically > 5D straight length upstream. Typically only 1D straight length downstream.
  • Performance: Wet gas flow correction factor uncertainty dependent.

Venturi Wet Gas Diagnostics - Diagram 2
2-Phase Separated / 2-Phase Mist / Multiphase Transitional Flow

Venturi Wet Gas Flow Meter Diagnostics
Wet Gas Venturi under FAT.
Wet Gas Venturi Diagnostics Diagram 1
Liquid dispersion or "flow" patterns.

Wet Gas Venturi Diagnostics - Diagram 3
Venturi with Optional Extra DP Transmitters
for Diagnostic Capabilities
Wet Gas Venturi Diagnostics - Diagram 4
Pressure Field through the Venturi Meter
  1. A Downstream Pressure Tap Allows 3 DP's to be Read.
  2. The Pressure Field Through the Meter is Monitored.
  3. The Diagnostic System Multiplies the Meters Capability.
  4. 3 DP's are Compared to Assure Correct Meter Operation.
  5. A Simple Live Diagnostics Plot is Shown in the Control Room.
  6. Wet gas flow creates a specific pattern on the diagnostic plot.
  7. The Diagnostic Plot Can be Zeroed to a Specific Wet Gas Flow. There by Indicating When the Liquid Loading Changes.
Wet BGas Venturi Diagnostics - Diagram 5
Gas flow, Venturi Meter Wet gas flow, Venturi Meter
Wet Gas Venturi Diagnostics - Diagram 6 Wet Gas Venturi Diagnostics - Diagram 7
Wet Gas Flow Hydrate Formation. Signal of False DP Reading
  • Wet Gas Flow Adversely Affects the DP Readings – Hydrates, Scale, Wax and Salts Can Block Taps, Transmitters Can be Easily Saturated etc. – the Diagnostics Continually Verifies the DP's are True.
  • Wet Gas Flow Conditions Can Change Periodically. The Diagnostics Offer a User Friendly Immediate Visual Indication of a Changing Flow Condition, e.g. Changes in the Liquid Loading.

DP Diagnostics Supplies a Unique, Powerful, Industrially Proven, Patent Pending Diagnostics System.